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What are the herbs?

It is an herbal blend of Olive Leaf, Gotu kola, Japanese knotweed, Green tea leaf extract, Hawthorn berry, Calendula, Noni, Ginkgo leaf, Artichoke leaf, Stevia leaf, and Turmeric. It also contains Coconut, which is for taste.

The herbs are of high quality. There are no fillers whatsoever.

The blend is a powder and you take 1 tablespoon twice daily, between meals. It has a slightly sweet taste. One bag lasts 1 month. Currently we are giving away up to 2 bags free.

What are these herbs good for?

Olive Leaf extract is famous for what has been discovered about Oleuropein, a component in Olive leaf. It is no wonder Olive leaf was first used as medicine thousands of years ago. It is an "anti-inflammatory ... antimicrobial, and antiviral." [study] Many people use it as part of a Lyme protocol.

Liquid stevia leaf extracts (whole leaf) have been shown to be effective against Lyme. This is the whole leaf powder, and while a liquid extract is more powerful, the powdered leaf still makes a great addition to this powder blend.

Turmeric is a famous spice, which contains curcumin, a component that has antimicrobial properties and has been proven to reduce inflammation. Many Lyme sufferers have said that turmeric helps them.

Japanese knotweed is one of the most widely touted herbs to help with Lyme, especially neuro Lyme. It helps transport anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial components across the blood brain barrier.

Are the herbs really free?

Yes. We don't even charge a handling fee. That means it is also packaged up for free. We only ask that you pay shipping, but we only charge you the actual shipping, using the deepest discount offered by USPS.

Whether sending 1 bag or 2 bags, shipping costs us about the same. To California we can send 12 bags in a box for only $3.58 more than the price to send a single bag. When sending 12 bags out east, it is ~ $10 higher.

If you want a total of 3, 4 or 5 bags, use the shipping cost for 2 bags.

Select your shipping from the chart below and then you can add that shipping to your cart. Currently we are giving away up to 2 bags free. For international shipping, please provide us your address using our contact form. We will email you a link with the correct shipping cost.

Item & Weight California, Nevada Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico North/South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansaw, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana Every other state including Hawaii and Alaska (Zone 8)
1 bag (15.9 oz) $4.98 Select $5.24 Select $5.38 Select $5.53 Select
2 bags (1 lb, 15 oz) $7.28 Select $7.65 Select $7.99 Select $8.25 Select
12 bags (10 lbs, 13 oz) $8.56 Select $10.34 Select $15.75 Select $17.91 Select
Note: This table features actual shipping rates from USPS discounted Commercial Pricing (lowest available). Some rates are not exact because they don't divide evenly by state.

You have selected $10.34 shipping.

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