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Best Supplement Protocols for Lyme

We talked to many people with lyme disease in order to find the very best supplement protocols to help with Lyme disease. We don't believe any supplement protocol should be a replacement for seeking treatment, however, we heard from many people that supplements can really help.

We are still working on this page and intend to update it with much more information, but the ones found here already seem to be the best based on several reports. Studies have shown that taking certain supplements in conjuction with treatment greatly boosts the effectivness of treatment.

Biofilm Support

Perhaps the most important are those which can destroy biofilms. Antibiotics cannot penetrate biofilms and that is why lyme spirochetes resurface later after ceasing the antibiotic treatment, even if the antibiotic treatment was otherwise successful. Supplements that help destroy biofilms greatly assist in the destruction of spirochetes.

• N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
NAC is one of the most potent biofilm destroyers and immune system boosters. If you've never heard of NAC you are missing out on one great and powerful supplement. It promotes powerful detox mechanisms in the body as well. It is without question one of the most important supplements to use at the same time as treatment.

• Stevia Leaf Extract
New studies have shown that a properly made stevia leaf extract is very effective at destroying lyme spirochetes, and destroys them in stationary phase (biofilms) when antibiotics like doxycycline do not. Think about that. It can be one of the most important supplements to use at the same time as a treatment.

Detox Support

Lyme spirochetes release toxins, which is what causes the horrible symptoms of lyme disease. There is probably nothing more important than detoxifying your body to help it get these toxins out of your body. As far as supplements that promote detoxification, these we found to be the best, in addition to NAC above.

• Iodine
Iodine is one of the master detox elements. As potassium iodide, very high doses (5 grams) have long been used to get heavy metals out of the brain. We consider it one of the most important to take at the same time as treatment, but also to make a regular part of your life (it is also important in the immune system and more). Of course, normal everyday use is considered to be 150 mcg, but the body can tolerate much higher amounts.

• Vitamin B12
The best form for correcting a Vitamin B12 deficiency is cyanocobalamin. We aren't sure as it relates to lyme, but if there is a best it would probably be the same form. Vitamin B12, and this especially as this form, plays an important role in some aspects of detoxification. It serves many functions in the body including the formation of red blood cells. For those who feel they have no energy, B12 can improve energy levels.

• Chlorella
When it comes to natural botanicals, Chlorella is possibly the best for detoxification. It is the highest source of chlorophyll, by far. Chlorophyll helps the body be able to make hemoglobin, which are needed in red blood cells. RBCs will help the body transport oxygen, so it is important in circulation as well as well as detoxification. The chlorella cells can also bind to toxins and help remove them from the system.

• Niacin
Also called Vitamin B3, this vitamin is extremely important for detoxification, but also plays a very important role in the immune system, circulation, and so much more. It is famously used to detoxify people who are trying to overcome addictions and it is one of the top-recommended natural supplements for dealing with depression. It is one of the best for sleep.

Immune System

When it comes to Lyme, supplements for the immune system are crucial, and beta-glucan is one of the most important substances to support the immune system, which is naturally high in things like Reishi mushroom. Here is the list of top immune system supplements, other than the crucial supplements NAC and Niacin mentioned earlier.

• Beta-Glucan
There are several forms of beta-glucan available. Supplement forms usually come from yeast. There are natural ways to get beta-glucan, such as making reishi tea. There are also some good mushroom supplements on the market, but aside from being expensive they can also be of questionable potency. If you want to be sure you are getting lots of beta glucans get yourself something like dried Reishi Mushrooms and boil them in water to make tea.

• Vitamin C
A simple, cheap, and well known supplement, Vitamin C supports the immune system. IV and liposomal delivery of Vitamin C are more expensive, but are known to be more effective.

• Lysine
I am including Lysine under immune system because that is probably the main way it supports the body against lyme and other infections. Lysine might be the most helpful for those who also have EBV or herpes. Since lyme will disable the immune system in some ways, those who have these common infections will usually have some symptoms arising from them. Many of those with lyme disease find that Lysine is a great help. It is really cheap too.

• Magnesium
Magnesium is really important for the immune system and widely considered the most important mineral to have in excess when trying to heal just about anything. A few people told us that magnesium helped them a lot against their lyme disease.


• Colloidal Silver
This supplement is not as popular, but lyme sufferer told us it was very helpful to them. If you decide Colloidal Silver is for you and you want to keep taking it, we highly recommend generating it yourself using a simple electrical device and two silver wires. It makes the "silver particle" type of Colloidal Silver, which is thought to be the more effective type and it will save you tons of money, since in the stores it is way overpriced.

• Grapefruit Seed Extract
This supplement is also not as popular, and we're not sure if anyone we talked to ever used it, but we have heard from some online that it is very helpful with things like Lyme.

• CBD Oil
CBD will promote anandamide activity in the brain, providing relief for anxiety, minor pain, and promoting sleep. It is far from the most important on this list, and some people aren't going to notice much unless they take high doses, but it may be one to try.

• Kratom
Kratom is still currently legal in the USA, although there has been talk about making it illegal. Many people conclude that kratom is extremely safe, non-addicting, and helps a lot with pain. As we know pain is a major issue for many sufferers of lyme disease.

Final Note

While supplements are one very important part of a strategy against Lyme Disease, and especially important to take during treatment, don't forget there are also other supportive measures besides supplements that should accompany treatment and can also greatly help.

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